Named one of The Australian’s Books of the Year (2018), Calenture is available from Cordite Books (Australia) and Small Press Distribution (North America).

“These are important poems which enact what poetry at its best is sometimes able to do: to enable a reader to make greater sense of life’s most difficult and otherwise unmanageable experiences.” ~ Rose Lucas, Plumwood Mountain

“Lean and enigmatic. . . most sophisticated in terms of style.” ~ Simon Armitage, UK Poet Laureate, judge’s report for University of Canberra International Poetry Prize 2016 (shortlisted)

Selected poems:

Garments, Glances, Limbs, and Rivulets: Four Poems and an Essay

The Autopsy Elegies


An Elementary Treatise on Human Anatomy

On Floating Bodies

The Arsonist's Hymnal  

The Bone House

Where Moderns Have No Myths